Get a Perfectly-Sized Unit to Fit Your Needs

Keep your product cool in a small space

Rice Lake Refrigeration offers installations on self-contained units that can fit into small spaces. Our plug-in coolers are perfect for food, beer and other beverages. These are ideal as inventory storage or in bars or markets that don't require something as large as a walk-in cooler.

Get a self-contained cooler that will provide the space and functionality you need. Call 715-495-8214 to request a free estimate.

See the brands we frequently work with

Do you need a self-contained cooler for your bar or restaurant? Rice Lake Refrigeration offers maintenance, repairs and installations on brands such as:

  • True

  • Beverage-Air

  • Arctic Air

Want to learn more about our self-contained units and the services we provide? Reach out to speak with one of our technicians regarding your specific needs.